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February 2010
Clip Contest Winning Photos




Michele Tobias poses with her asthma machine inside her Belmont Ave. bedroom in Paterson. Tobias, who moved into her new apartment on December 15, was hospitalized on December 18. Tobias, who was born with asthma, said she had not had a problem with her lungs for four years. She stated, the soot and mold in the apartment is what hospitalized. Although posing in here with her asthma machine, Tobias said she can not use the machine in her apartment because of the poor air quality. The Paterson resident heads to a friends house when she needs to use the machine. Tobias states the air quality is especially bad in her bedroom and opts to sleep on her couch in the living room to try to avoid further health implications. Tobias and other residents of 91-95 Belmont Ave. are with-holding rent until a number of issues are fixed in the apartment building. Friday, February 19, 2010.

Photo by Kevin R. Wexler/NJMG

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