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July 2007
Clip Contest Winning Photos




Seen through a pattern of bricks in the dugout, North Cumberland Major Baseball pitcher Steve Garron winds up facing a 4-0 deficit to North Vineland in the District 3 final at Pennsville Little League in Pennsville, N.J., Monday, July 9, 2007. Garron, the team's ace, was being held in reserve for a possible second game in the double-elimination tournament, but when North Cumberland fell behind early, he was called in to try to hold down a North Vineland team that had scored 19 runs in its previous game. Though North Cumberland narrowed the lead to 5-4 in the fourth inning, Garron's best efforts weren't enough, as North Vineland beat them, 8-4, to advance to the sectional tournament. Photo by Bryan Littel/The Bridgeton News.

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