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November 2007
Clip Contest Winning Photos




Bill Dane, 83, will be marking his 60th year with the Newark Library. As a colleague describes him: "He is a character. He is at least 83 with a full mane of snow white hair, always impeccably dressed and sporting lots of bling on his fingers and wrists. He works in a dingy little office, where he arrives each day at 6 a.m. brimming with energy and enthusiasm. He’s the keeper of the Library’s special collections and has been primarily responsible for amassing the late 20th century holdings. He also has established a fund at the NPL to purchase the art, having been very generous with his own contributions. He moves in the art and print worlds in New York, London, Paris and Spain. He lives in Newark in the Colonade Apartments. NEWARK, NJ 11/14/07 4:06:40 PM

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