September 11 Multiple - 2001

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Sharon Booker and her family lived in Newark, NJ, their lives revolving around a Pentecostal church. Her husband Sean worked days as a copy machine repairman, and nights and weekends as a storefront preacher who ministered to drug addicts and the homeless on the streets of Newark.
Then the unthinkable happened. Sean was killed in the World Trade Center attack. In the days and months after the terrorists took down the twin towers, Sharon Booker would try to find the words to comfort her children, a way to mourn, the courage to sleep alone and the resolve to go on with their lives.

Sharon Booker, whose husband Sean worked in the North Tower, listens to testimonials during a memorial service shortly after Sept. 11th. At 8:45am every morning, Sean would lead a group of co-workers in prayer inside a small office on the 94th floor. Sharon says she feels some comfort in that he died doing what God wanted him to be doing. Matt Rainey/Star-Ledger

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