Multiple Feature - 2001
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According to a spokesman from The International Red Cross in Afghanistan, the issue of landmines and other non exploded devices is the largest problem facing the country as it looks toward reconstruction following more than twenty five years of war. Unexploded US cluster bombs are just the latest deadly hazard to farmers and children as deminers uncover one unexploded device at a time, dangerously laboring to clear the land. Until then, farmland is rendered useless, the gathering of firewood can become a deadly event, and local hospitals are crowded with people suffering from the most horrific injuries related to the mines. The injuries span the generations and spare no one. Shir Ahmad, 15 (right), a victim of land mine explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, recently, watches as Mullah-Mohammad, 60, injured in war fifteen years ago by a landmine, is fitted for a new prosthetic device. Here Mr. Ahmad, who exploded the hidden mine while looking for firewood, waits for adjustment of his artificial leg at The ICRC Temporary Orthopedic Center in Kabul, Afghanistan. 12/12/01 Jon Naso/Star-Ledger

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