POY 3rd place - 2001
Mia Song/Star-Ledger
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A decade ago, gay parents may have been shunned by suburban society for attempting to raise a family. The rising number of gay couples with kids seeking the same American dream as their straight counterparts fuels the transformation of a society into a more diverse nation.

Terry Viggiano and Heidi Nini are in pursuit of this dream. As a gay couple in their 40's, that have been together for over 15 years, both realized the window to have children was fast closing. Terry gave birth to triplets, Evan, Sammy and Isabel, after being artificial inseminated three years ago. Now the 2 years old triplets call Terry "Mommy" and Heidi "Mama".

This family of five experiences the same trials and tribulations as any normal family. For Terry and Heidi, juggling kids, two jobs and a toy -stuffed townhouse in Lawrenceville, NJ proves more compelling than the fact they are gay parents.

The weekend is caped of by a trip to the supermarket where Terry and Heidi stock up for the week ahead.

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