Spot News

1 Tony Kurdzuk "Helping Hand" Star-Ledger

2 Chris Rossi "Don't make me use this" Gloucester County Times

3 Daniel Hulshizer "Agony" Associated Press

HM Marc Ascher "Rescue"Times of Trenton

HM Thomas E. Franklin "Apartment Building Fire" The Record

General News

1 Daniel Hulshiser "Pointed Argument" Associated Press

2 Noah Addis "Missing" Star-Ledger

3 Daniel Hulshiser "Steely Stare" Associated Press

HM Ed Murray "Tired Campaign" Star-Ledger

HM Ryan Mercer untitled (Muslims pray) Herald News


1 Mia Song "Bathroom Lesson" Star-Ledger

2 Noah Addis "Prayer" Star-Ledger

3 Julie Pena untitled (Painted horses) Star-Ledger

HM Noah K. Murray "Baptism" Star-Ledger

HM Tim Hawk "Eyes" Gloucester County Times


1 James W. Anness "Gothem Burning" The Record

2 Beth Balbierz "Win by a Shadow" The Record

3 Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel "Cranberry Harvest" Philadelphia Inquirer


1 Frank Conlon "Chief Moose" Star-Ledger

2 Carmine Galasso "Sense of Peace" The Record

3 Carmine Galasso "Strong Bonds" The Record

HM Mel Evans "Crazy Eddie's Daddy" The Record

HM Patti Sapone "Image of Self" Star-Ledger

Sports Action

1 Kye-Ryung Lee "Impressive Boxing" The Herald News

2 Augusto F. Menezes "Sayreville" Home News Tribune

3 Mark R. Sullivan "Can't Reach" Home News Tribune

Sports Feature

1 Chris Faytok "Peeking Tiger" Star-Ledger

2 Noah Addis "Staying Warm" Star-Ledger

3 Noah Addis "Waiting to Race" Star-Ledger

HM Chris Faytok "Gold Medal Finish" Star-Ledger

HM Thomas E. Franklin "Bad Ass Yellow Boy" The Record


1 David M Warren "Waves of Freedom" Philadelphia Inquirer

2 Chris Pedota "Moon Shadow" The Record

3 Chris Pedota "Cyber Casino" The Record


1 Tony Kurdzuk "Headstrong" Star-Ledger

2 Augusto F. Menezes untitled (Wet Cat) Home News Tribune

3 Robert Sciarrino "Who's driving the boat?"

Personal Vision

1 Steve Klaver "Cloud Jumpers" Star-Ledger

2 Scott Lituchy "NY 6 months later" Star-Ledger

3 Aristide Economopoulos "Christmas Sleet" Star-Ledger

HM Chris Faytok "Shadow Fans" Star-Ledger

Multiple News

1 Ed Murray "Burnt Forrester" Star-Ledger

2 Peter Ackerman "Boot Camp" Asbury Park Press

3 Aristide Economopoulos untitled (Israel hospital) Star-Ledger

Multiple Feature

1 Mia Song "A life carries on..." Star-Ledger

2 Carmine Galasso "Journey Through Shadow" The Record

3 Jennifer Brown "Day in the life of a Realtor" Star-Ledger

HM John Munson "Twin Apparitions" Star-Ledger

HM Tim Hawk "Sisters of circumstance" Gloucester County Times

Multiple Sports

1 John Munson "Nets" Star-Ledger

2 Chris Faytok "Winter Olympics" Star-Ledger

3 Tariq Zehawi "Fight Night in Paterson" The Record

Sports Portfolio

1 Peter Ackerman Asbury Park Press

2 Chris Faytok Star-Ledger

3 John Munson Star -Ledger

Photographer of the Year

Noah Addis Star-Ledger

Runner up Aristide Economopoulos Star-Ledger

NJPPA Understanding

Matt Rainey "An Uncertain future" Star-Ledger

Best of Show

Frank Conlon "Chief Moose" Star-Ledger

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