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Just One More
12.17.2007 Trenton —- You know you are too close when the Governor says "And now I would like to introduce....", and looks you right in the eyes.
Photo by Colin Archer / Agency New Jersey

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"Just One More" is a space devoted to photographs that members feel should have been published, but were not. The idea here is to share good, thoughtful images that we wouldn’t otherwise see. Please submit only current work (taken in 2007) and include pertinent background information, including the reason it wasn’t published (story killed, space too tight, etc). You can submit only your own work, and only two submissions per month per photographer. So please edit well and send only your best stuff—not average photos you are disappointed didn’t get into the paper. As tempting as it might be, please refrain from "editor bashing" as that is not the intent of this feature.

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