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President's Corner
February 17, 2009

To all our members,

Though my term as President is now over I am happy to announce I am being succeeded by Tim Larsen as President and Colin Archer as Vice President.  Our Secretary/Treasurer remains Reena Rose Sibayan, who has graciously accepted the office for another term (thank you Reena!).

For those of you who know Tim, you know he's a respected photographer as well as great guy.  For those who may not know him yet, I can

assure you the organization is in very good hands.  This goes for Colin as well. 

I had dinner with both Tim and Colin tonight to officially hand over the reigns and talk about the future of the NJPPA.  Both are very optimistic about what is to come as well as having some great ideas.

I hope everyone will welcome and congratulate our new officers.

I have gotten several questions over the last few weeks regarding the POY contest.  Some minor changes are being made to the rules and it is coming together thanks to the work of Ed Murray and Jen Brown.  Notice of deadline will be sent out in the near future.

It has been a pleasure to serve as NJPPA President and I will continue to be active in our organization for years to come. 

Thank You,

Tony Kurdzuk

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