President’s Corner
Greetings everyone,

Well, the NJPPA site has been up and running for about three months now, to many rave reviews and lots of hits. All of the clip contest winners are current, and are posted within three weeks of getting the results. Plus, you can access all the previous months winners as well. Well done, Jason! Liz and Ellie are doing a great job with the monthly contest; I especially like that they send a zerox of the winning image with the notification.

I am pleased to report that we are officially recognized by NPPA, our national organization, and will be receiving our stipend of $400 shortly. Plans are to use the funds for an Education Day in the fall. I am disappointed that no one has stepped up to help coordinate it, despite many requests. Please, contact any of the officers if you can help in any way. We’d really like to make the day a big success, but we can’t do it alone. It is a one-time commitment, so we’re not asking for much. We are all busy, so that excuse is getting a bit old and tiresome. Tony Kurdzuk of the Ledger has graciously agreed to conduct a digital workshop, so we already have one speaker on board.

One of the more interesting items in the chapter report was that 67% of NJPPA members also belong to NPPA. That ranks us in the top five among the various state chapters. Another idea generated in the report was developing a scholarship fund for a photojournalism student, using donated photo equipment to raise funds for it. How? By selling it on Ebay! If anyone has any old, but useable, lenses, cameras, darkroom stuff, etc. or if your newspaper has them in a closet somewhere,.please contact me. I’m trying to get an idea of how much we could raise before pursuing this any further. This would be a great opportunity to give something back , plus you can write off the donation on your taxes. Another way some chapters raise funds is to have a print auction for their members. This is something we might want to try at next year’s dinner. My favorite idea is the chapter that has an annual ?Ice Cream Social? in the summer. It’s a big hit with the members and their families. Anyone want to take it on? Most other chapters have websites and we’ll be posting those links soon so you can see more of what the rest of our colleagues are up to.

Finally, I’d like to welcome six new members: William Bird, Tyson Trish, Gary Yung, Michael Karas, Mike Derer and April Saul. Please encourage other photographers you see on assignment to join or renew!

As always, feel free to contact any of us with your comments, suggestions or concerns.


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